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Full Service Professionals

Did you know that your Internet Service Provider deliberately slows your internet speed? Especially on specific sites like Netflix and Zoom. To put it simply; We Fix That!

APEX ON'SITE X-TECH is a General Contracting and Professional Networking Tech Company. Providing full Home Automation, WiFi Enhancement, Mesh Networks, Seamless Room-to-Room Handoff, Increased Web Speed, IP CCTV Security Camera Systems, HD TV Antennas, Cell Phone Signal Boosters, and SpaceX StarLink Installations.


Vetted to work in high vulnerability government sectors, APEX ON'SITE will provide a secure and friendly service for both your home and your commercial establishment.

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We take great pride in the excellent reputation that we have built, and we work hard to maintain it. We are here to simplify and streamline your commercial and residential  requirements, while providing a professional white glove service.


With a firm business acumen,

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attention to detail, and an unmatched customer service; we have built our success on the little things - like keeping job sites supervised, neat and clean; returning phone calls promptly; getting the job started quickly and finished on time. And of course, our renowned impeccable workmanship.


Whether you require your home to be fully updated in the latest Home Automation comforts, with fast reliable multi-user conferencing, or simply refreshed with a new finishing look, get the peace of mind knowing that you will have trusted and high-quality professionals providing you with excellent results.

Through our trusted partners, APEX ON'SITE can manage all of your installation and renovation needs from big to small. We will help make the process easier by providing informed detailed quotes and communicate reasonable expectations throughout the whole process.


(More details found under SERVICES)


At APEX ON'SITE, you will find a professional and courteous experience that is unsurpassed by other companies.

We're here to simplify your life.

So, why chose APEX ON'SITE?

Our Team
Sheldon Chaulk, Managing Director | Phone: 416-988-9556

Matteo Chaulk, Project Manager |

Attention to detail, active listening skills and great empathy are symbols of his appreciation by his clients. With an extensive bench of team members supporting him, he is able to provide unparalleled professional service that serves to build long-term relationships with his growing client base and providing excellent customer service. He assists each individual client with their unique goals in residential and commercial refinishing.

Working with Sheldon you will find his dedication & attention to detail is unmatched by other firms.

Matteo comes to Apex On’Site with strong work ethics and problem-solving skills. After more than two years at the world-leading food and beverage retailer, McDonald’s, Matteo has established a successful track record of developing best practices to implement efficient processes, and creating strong cohesive program scheduling.

Matteo has been honing in on his skills in commercial and residential framing, boarding, taping and painting, along with proving to be very handy with his wood-working skills.

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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