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Ad Hoc Fee Schedule & Scheduling Mandate: 


Fee for Value:

At APEX ON'SITE our preference is to provide services on a ‘fee for value’ basis.  This means you only pay for our professional knowledge, the work undertaken and the strategies provided.

Before engaging our services you will be provided with a written quote based on the scope of work we will perform and the strategies we recommend. These prices are fixed and we will not request more funding unless the scope of the project changes.

However, we acknowledge that sometimes clients may prefer an hourly based arrangement and we are open to discussing this with you.

Hourly Rate:

2018 Corporate Rate    (as of Nov 01, 2018)

Weekday Hourly Cost - $68.75/hr per crew person on site.

Weekend, Holiday and After-Hours Hourly Cost - $98.00/hr per crew member on site.


(8-hour minimum per crew member on Weekend/Holiday and After-Hours)


 Defined Weekday:       8am to 6 pm

 Defined After-Hours:   6 pm to 8 am

 Defined Weekend:       Friday 6 pm to Monday 8 am


 Defined Holidays:       New Years Eve/Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day,                                        Civic Holiday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve/Day, Boxing Day


(Unless otherwise specified in the written quote, all contracted work carried out on the weekend, holidays and after-hours at the request of the hiring party, will incur an hourly cost at the scheduled rate in addition to the original quote)


 Defined Travel Fee:    (automotive) ...additional travel will be charged at the CRA mandated fee for 2018 @ $0.55 per kilometer, (to be calculated from the postal code L1N-9P3). Plus, cost of parking per day.


 Minimum Mobilization Fee: 

$450 minimum fee for one person onsite

$650 minimum fee for two people onsite

$850 minimum fee for three people onsite

– will be charged regardless of size of room or travel distance


Commercial Painting Rate:


$2.11 per square foot of wall surface

$0.09 per square foot for CoverMax Primer

$0.40 per square foot  for SW Harmony or SuperPaint.

*Specialty items requested by the hiring party that is not specifically listed as part of the original scope in the submitted quote, will require an additional fee, and will be subject to the interim cap policy.


*$75 Delivery fee (per delivery) applies to special requests outside of original scope.

(per day)    Default rate unless otherwise stated.

Additional fee(s) for the following:

  • Sanding

  • Cleaning - refers to pre-site conditions

  • Epoxy Finish

  • Bare Metal Primer

  • Specialty Finishes

Parking Lot Line Painting fees: 

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