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What We Do

We provide quality finishes to your home or professional work space.  We work with both fresh drywall, or existing substrates that are in need of a professional touch of TLC. 

We will infuse fresh life into your trims, doors, and moldings leaving a beautiful buttery finish that will last and make you feel relaxed in your oasis away from the daily stresses; ...and we do it with a simple and straight forward white glove service. 

How We Do It

We use only premium material sources that follow sustainable environmental practices. Our paints and wood finishes are 100% non-toxic, VOC-free, and safe for you, your family, and for the environment. 

We use only the best tools and applicators with high end microfiber, synthetic and Chin-ex brushes.

We also have an anti-formaldehyde product, that will literally remove airborne VOCs that originate from items like new carpets, furniture, etc.


A paint that assists in cleaning the air that you breathe!

Why We Do It

With over 25 years experience of working with residential improvements and finishing; painting is certainly not a job that we got to do, it is a passion that we get to do!

We commit that passion to every job.


Why Choose Us

At APEX ON'SITE we understand that having contractors in your home and having your home inaccessible to even the slightest degree can be an overwhelming inconvenience.

Communicating timelines are our commitment to you including updating you on new information while being as invisible as possible as we build your vision.

We understand living in your dream environment is critical if you want a life that excites you, that helps you look after those you love and care for, and enables you to achieve your heart’s desire. 

Our aim is to work with you to make sure this is achieved.

1. Better Understanding

Home renovation can be a very complex area requiring years of study and experience.  As a client, you don’t need to know all about the industry, but you do need to know and understand what has been recommended for you, why your contractor has selected a particular strategy and what are the benefits and risks associated with their advice.

We believe it is important we spend time with you so that we can better understand what you are trying to achieve, which themes you are more comfortable with, and if you are prepared to accept the risks involved in larger scaled design-builds and renovations in order to meet your design goals.

Because we have a better understanding of your situation, we can formulate strategies and tailor a plan we believe meets your specific needs.  We also take the time to make sure you fully understand what we are recommending and why we believe it provides the best outcome for you.

2. Greater Involvement

At APEX ON'SITE we believe that an informed client is better than a passive client.  To this end we prefer you to be actively involved in the decision making process and the ongoing management of your home renovation.  Areas of our advice can be influenced if your circumstances or goals change and an integral part of the solution is your involvement in the decision making processes.  This way we can ensure we are all working together to achieve your design goals.

3. Honest Delivery

Before engaging our services, we will discuss broad strategies with you and provide a written quote for our initial proposal.  This quote is based on the scope of work to be undertaken, the complexity of your financial position and the strategies we may employ.  At the end of this stage we will provide you with a comprehensive plan to a level of understanding where you will be comfortable to engage us to undertake this work on your behalf.

At every step of the way, and before you engage us, you know exactly what additional costs, if any, are involved so you can make a fully informed decision. APEX ON'SITE prides itself on its open fee process, our honest delivery and the level of transparency we provide.

4. Active Management

Wherever possible, we actively manage and review our process and progress to keep future negative impacts to a minimum.  We achieve this by constantly reviewing underlying strategies, keeping abreast of design changes, communicating with our trades, and researching current innovations. 

5. Fee for Value

At APEX ON'SITE our preference is to provide services on a ‘fee for value’ basis.  This means you only pay for our professional knowledge, the work undertaken and the strategies provided.

Before engaging our services you will be provided with a written quote based on the scope of work we will perform and the strategies we recommend. These prices are fixed and we will not request more funding unless the scope of the project changes.

However, we acknowledge that sometimes clients may prefer an hourly based arrangement and we are open to discussing this with you.


6. Team Approach

Our trades people have a wide range of expertise and experience and we find by pooling that experience, clients are not limited to any one trade’s solutions.  We meet regularly to discuss changes and strategies. 

Our processes have been uniquely designed to ensure that another site supervisor can step up to the mark if the usual site supervisor is not available to be onsite.

All of this is designed to ensure that the best practices and strategic implementation is provided.


7. Maximized Communications

At APEX ON'SITE we believe it is critical that we stay abreast of all potential changes, and we in-turn keep our clients informed of these deviations as well as providing planning and strategies that will enable our clients to gain the maximum benefits from opportunities as they present themselves.

8. Privacy and Discrete Engagement

Every home is different and so are the personalities and tastes that reside in those homes. Our crew members will engage in a professional-service, free of judgement and discernment.  

As a provider of services for a large spectrum of clients; from modest individual homes to high profile person of public exposure; APEX ON'SITE and it's crew members take your privacy very seriously.


At no time will we ever publish your name, address, or photos of you or your property. Nor will we try to impress upon any future clients, our past client's names or any of the services provided. 

As a client, you will be extended all of the privacy and assurances that you would find with your doctor's office or with your banker, that is allowable by law.

9. Vetted Personnel 

Our mission is to be recognized by our customers as the most efficient and capable provider of demanding commercial and residential renovation services.

​Our team is the back-bone of our company, and the key to achieving our mission. 


All APEX ON'SITE employees and Sub-Contractors are vetted by the RCMP through a thorough criminal background check allowing us to work in the vulnerable sector among seniors and children. Along with providing added security and peace of mind for our clients, this also sets the bar to a higher level of interpersonal engagement.

Concluding Notes

At APEX ON'SITE, the material we use is a direct reflection of our workmanship and of the overall quality of the end result. For this reason, we do not use sub-par products, old left-over products or products not meeting CSA accreditation.


We have partnered with three of the best paint companies in North America; Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Dulux paint providing unlimited value and selection to our clients.


All of our application tools are of the highest quality. We use Purdy Professional series hand-made brushes and Purdy Professional Series Microfiber rollers; leaving behind a beautifully smooth and professional finish that stands out. ­­


Our crew holds a variety of certifications, including the Ministry of Labor required “Working at Heights Certification”and "Aerial Lift Certification".

This qualifies us to use ladders, scaffolding, Genie Lifts, and Sky-Jacks. 

We are fully insured with WSIB,

(Workplace Safety Insurance Board.)

To learn more about our Certifications and Insurance coverage, Click Here

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Before hiring a contractor, be sure to do your due diligence and ask the appropriate questions.


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