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Hi Guys, Thank you so much for visiting our website, and checking out our referral program. If you were a past client of ours, we are so appreciative of your business and thank you in advance for your kind reviews and most of all, your referrals.

The Program:

Starting January 2021 we have implemented a referral program. You will get compensated for your referrals, and we will provide a discount to your friend that you refer us to.

Everyone wins!

The Details:

Here's what YOU will get


For every client that you refer to APEX ON'SITE, and consequently hires us for our services, we will give you a 10% commission in the form of an Amazon gift card.*

Here's what YOUR FRIEND will get

For being referred to us, your friend will receive a 5% discount off of the service. This will be reflective in the quote provided to them.

(The credit is applied to the value of labor, and not the cost of paint.)

How to Qualify:

We need to know that this is a referral prior to submitting the quote so that we can apply the discount, and so that we will know who will be receiving the referral bonus.

Option 1. You can email us the contact information of your friend that you have referred us to, and whether or not we should contact them or if they will be contacting us.

(Whichever is most convenient for your friend.)


Option 2. Your friend can contact us directly, and mention that they were referred to us by you, and you will be compensated upon completion of the work and after final payment has been received.

Be sure to include first and last names, home address, telephone/cell phone number and email address in either option.

You can contact us directly:

Sheldon Chaulk

416 988 9556


Other Details:

We believe in the integrity of our clients, so we are not going to put up a bunch of conditions and exemptions. The bottom line is, when you refer us, we will compensate you.

In the "Details", use of the word "friend" does NOT imply that you must absolutely be friends with the person you are referring.


The only thing we require are the following 4 points; 

  1. If you ask us to contact your friend, you must receive their permission prior to us doing so.

  2. You cannot refer your-self. The referrer must reside at a different address.

  3. The work that you are referring is for residential interior painting in Ontario, Canada.

  4. This is NOT a MLM business opportunity. You will not be compensated for each referral that your referral sends to APEX ON'SITE.


The Relevant Footnotes:

*referral to be based on a minimum of $1000 in labor cost after discount, not including cost of material.

**There are no maximum amount of referrals allowed.

***The referrer has to state how they are affiliated with APEX ON'SITE, whether they were a previous client, or which advertising medium they found us through, for our marketing analytics.

****The referral gift-card is paid out upon receiving the full and final payment for the work rendered that was referred us to.

Corporate and Commercial Referrals:


In lieu of receiving a gift card, we can make a donation to your preferred charity for the accrued total at the end of the fiscal year.


This is a more popular option when there are conflict of interest issues when making referrals.

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