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"Starlink is now delivering initial beta service both domestically and internationally, and will continue expansion to near global coverage of the populated world in 2021."

Your StarLink Kit arrives with everything you need to get online including your Starlink, Wi-Fi router, power supply, cables and mounting tripod.

The kit that you receive is intended to be set up on a table on your deck. However, to achieve a clean and effective installation, the dish should be placed in a permanent location up high like on a roof, and unobstructed.

StarLink does not come with roof mounts, and the tripod that does come with the system is not recommend to be mounted on a roof. For this reason it is best to order your StarLink mounting brackets at the same time that you order your dish.

StarLink provides 3 types of Roof Mounts:

1. Volcano Mount  (this is the preferred mount offered by Starlink)

2. Ridgeline Mount (this mount straddles both sides of the ridge and is held in pace by pavers)

3. Pole Mount (this is used to mount to the side of a structure)

Looking for a professional company to install your StarLink Satellite Internet Dish ("Dishy"). Let us do all the hard work, we provide a professional StarLink Satellite Internet Installation Service in Eastern Ontario. We can build a custom roof mount and get you online with your knew connection to the world!

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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