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Parking Lot Line/Stripe Fees 

Parking Stall (Single Line)

Parking Stall (Double Line With Hairpin Half Circle or cap)

Handicap Stall (Symbol With Blue Box)


4” Line Per Lineal Foot

(White, Blue and Yellow for handicap cross hatching,

fire lane line, no parking zones, loading zones, bull noses etc.)

Stop Bar

Yellow / Red Curb Per Lineal Foot (Top & Side)

Stenciling- Per Letter- 24” High

(No Parking, Fire Zone, Loading Zone, Stop)

Numbers & Parking Stall Stenciling- 12”

(Digits, Reserved, Resident, Doctor)

Crosswalks (White & Handicap Blue)

Minimum Mobilization Fee























Parking lot criteria for dimensions and clearances may be subject to municipal by-laws that deviate from the typical.

Parking Stop Bar.jpg
parking double.jpg
Parking Arrow.png
parking crosshatching.jpg
Parking crosswalk.png
Parking Stenciling.jpg
Parking Curb.jpg
Parking Handicap2.JPG
Parking 4.jpg
Parking Handicap.png
Parking Handicap1.jpg
Parking curb color.jpg
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